What is Formal Panhellenic Recruitment?
Why join a Panhellenic Sorority?
Does being a legacy guarantee me a spot in a Panhellenic Sorority?
Can I go abroad or take a year off and still be a member?
What kind of a time commitment is involved with being a member?
Do University of Rochester Panhellenic sororities haze?

Formal Panhellenic Recruitment is the process through which interested individuals join a Panhellenic sorority through a mutual selection process. Potential New Members meet members from each chapter in order to decide which sorority is the right fit for them. Recruitment consists of multiple rounds and as recruitment progresses, the rounds become longer and PNMs will go back to fewer chapters each day.

Panhellenic sororities offer their members a vast array of benefits and opportunities. These can include philanthropy and community service events, social activities, academic scholarships, a supportive sisterhood, a national network of sisters, great friendships and incredible memories!

Different Panhellenic chapters have different policies in regards to legacies.

Yes! We encourage all of our members to participate in abroad programs as a way to enrich their college experience.

Although each Panhellenic sorority is different, most are what you want it to be. Therefore, our members are offered flexibility in order for them to balance their academic, personal and social lives. You can be as involved as you would like. 

Hazing is against the University of Rochester Panhellenic Council policy. Anti-Hazing policies are taken extremely seriously by the University and the Panhellenic Council and these policies are strictly enforced.